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What Patients are Saying about Loftin Dental


I've often sung the praises of my dentist Dr. Todd Loftin and his staff to people in my life. I've been lucky to have not needed much more than cleanings and/or the occasional filling. I was a little concerned when an old root canal had weakened one of my back molars to the point of extraction. Dr. Todd recommended an implant. I was very skeptical as I've heard mixed stories about these. But as I trust Dr. Todd and his opinion, and I very much wanted a permeant tooth, we move forward with the implant. 
Dr. Todd and his staff were excellent. From the extraction of the tooth he prepared me for the process. Making sure that the area was solid and ready for the implant . He explained the process step by step and couldn't have made it easier or more painless. It is a long process as you have to heal after the post is put in before you can do the final implant. He and his staff checked on me through the healing and the final implant went better than I ever imagined. It's been almost a year with my new tooth and not a single problem. I would highly recommend them if you need an implant or any dentistry issues. 
Thank you to Dr. Todd and all of his staff. Such a great dentist and staff! 
- Christine Lynch


Loftin Dental in Concord is awesome! The entire staff is warm and family friendly. They always make you feel right at home. I should know, I have been seeing them quite regularly for my Invisalign treatment. Dr. Loftin has been great to partner with on getting my teeth aligned and has been willing to listen to when I have concerns about progress. It was very important to me to have my teeth aligned to make sure I can keep them for as long as possible and added bonus I have a great smile now! My smile has made me even more confident in my work as a Boisset Ambassador as I’m meeting new people every day. I highly recommend going through this process with Dr. Loftin and his Team! 
- Lulu Flores, Boisset Ambassador 

Everyone was great! They were so helpful with my Invisalign process and provided me with any and all information I needed. Dr. Loftin and his Team made the whole process (about a year) super easy. I’m so very happy with my results! 
- Korin Pew

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