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Keeping Patients Happy in our Concord Community

Eventually, you might notice that your smile is no longer as white and bright as you’d like. When this happens, you may be tempted to try a DIY teeth whitening solution at home. At Loftin Dental, we encourage our patients in Concord and Walnut Communities to seek the services of a professional. Many people believe that a brighter smile makes people more attractive, and this belief prompts them to look for whitening and brightening services to restore dull, yellow or stained teeth. There are several good reasons to work with a teeth whitening dentist rather than attempting something on your own:​
  • Stronger methods can be used without fear that the enamel or gums will be damaged
  • Overall oral health is protected
  • Professional advice concerning appropriate dental health is available 
  • Patients can avoid the painful results of too much bleaching or irritated gums 
  • Results often last longer than those achieved through DIY treatments 
We work with families and individuals throughout the Walnut Creek, Concord and Clayton communities to offer safe and effective alternatives to those processes you might try at home. Patients may have tried a variety of products and processes in the past, but working with a professional is the best way to be sure that the enamel of the tooth is not damaged. We also have patients that come from Benicia, Antioch and even Reno! Call us with any questions!

Teeth Whitening FAQ

My teeth look yellow. Can you help me with that?
This is a two-step process. Your first visit will be about 30 minutes long as we get impressions taken for your custom trays, top and bottom. Your second visit will be about a week later, and we’ll show you how best to apply the whitening gel as well as go over any questions you may have. We also will share with you our tips sheet so you have the best whitening results.
My teeth aren’t white enough.
Come in to Loftin Dental for your custom teeth whitening trays! If you’ve already been through that step with us, maybe you just need a touch up. We offer whitening gel tubes in two sizes.
Be sure to stay away from colored foods and drinks while you’re whitening and for about three days after you’ve achieved your desired white. Things like red wine, coffee, teas, red pasta sauce, curry, pesto and berries will begin the yellowing process on your teeth.
I just whitened my teeth, and they’re sensitive. Is that normal?
Patients throughout Walnut Creek and Clayton may have tried a variety of products and processes in the past, but working with a professional is the best way to be sure that the enamel of the tooth is not damaged. We invite you to give us a call when you want to improve your smile. Dr. Loftin and our team at Loftin Dental are ready to work with you to help you feel comfortable with your oral health care.
Give us a call at 925-672-7997 to reserve a time for your appointment or to discuss if Invisalign is right for you.
I just whitened my teeth and my gums turned white. What happened?
If this happens, you most likely used too much whitening gel in your trays and it crept up to your gums. Next time, use a little less. When you put your tray on and you see excess squirt out of the trays, wipe it off. The white gums are not permanent and will go away over the next few days. You may feel a burning sensation in the gums as well.