Kombucha, Gummy Vitamins Among Trending Foods That May Harm Teeth

In a consumer-focused article, Real Simple (1/23, Gold) said that “some of the most popular health foods today” may actually harm teeth. For instance, kombucha has become “a huge health trend over the past few years,” but the fermented tea drink’s acidity could be problematic. The article explained that kombucha has a low pH value, which could lead to dental erosion. Another “rising trend” is “the consumption of gummy vitamins that claim to lead to thicker hair, nails, improved sleep, higher energy, and more.” Chewing these products can leave a “sticky sugar residue” on teeth, increasing the risk of tooth decay. In addition, the article discussed how hard seltzers, pumpkin spice lattes, mulled wine, and turmeric may also negatively affect teeth.