Children's Dental Care

Preparing for Your Child's First Visit

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child visit the dentist before his or her first birthday. Your child’s first dental visit is very important, as you, your child, and Dr. Loftin begin working together to establish healthy dental habits that will last a lifetime. Creating a trusting and comfortable environment for your child is our goal. Positive experiences can be created in a number of ways. As a first step, explain to your child that the dentist is a friend who is there to help them maintain their dental health. Secondly, explain to your child that during the appointment, the dentist will brush, count, and take pictures of his or her teeth. Finally, it is important not to use words that may cause unnecessary fear or anxiety. As a rule, we do not use the words “shot,” “hurt,” “needle,” “pull,” or “drill”. As dental experts, we have developed a special language for explaining dental treatment to children in a nonthreatening way.

Doc’s Dental Tips for Kids:

  • Bring your child with you to one of your appointments so they get used to what it’s like to visit the dentist.
  • When it’s time for your child’s first appointment, arrive a little earlier so they can play in the kids area before they see
    the dentist.
  • You know your child best but we feel appointments not around nap time or snacks and meals are best for everyone.
Your Child's First Dental Visit

During this special first visit, we’ll give your child’s teeth a checkup to see how they’re growing. We’ll also give them a gentle cleaning and apply a fluoride treatment. We’ll chat about how to brush and floss properly, and we’ll cover topics like bottles, sippy cups, oral habits, and what foods are best for those tiny teeth. If your child is a bit older, don’t worry; we make sure their first dental visit is a fun and comfortable experience. We use a “Tell-Show-Do” approach, letting your child see, touch, and understand everything we use during the visit.

Our team talks to your child in a way they can understand, making dental stuff easy to grasp. They’ll get an oral checkup, some cool x-rays, and a dental cleaning with a fluoride treatment. We also chat with parents about nutrition, diet, and how to keep your child’s teeth in tip-top shape at home. And at the end of the visit, it’s celebration time! Your child will get a cool toy, a fun balloon, and lots of cheers for being awesome during their visit. We love making dental visits a positive experience for every young patient.

What kids can expect at their first appointment with us:

  • We know going to the dentist is a new experience so we first gauge your child’s mood. If they’re having a bad day, it’s ok and we will do less. On a good day, we can conduct an exam, floss, brush and count their teeth while they ride in our chair. (We don’t typically take x-rays on a first visit.)
  • We have TVs in every room if it helps to watch their favorite show during their visit.
My First Dental Visit Certificate

Dental Care for Children

Children who come to Loftin Dental are encouraged to visit our Kid’s Korner to brighten up their visit. Kids who come early to their appointment can enjoy books, a Lego table, magnetic blocks, board games, and flashcards that will help them learn sign language.

At the end of the appointment, Wendi (one of our Tooth Fairies) will take your child’s picture (with your permission) and create a keepsake card of their first visit to the dentist.

Children's Dental Care
Very pleasant staff. You feel the warmth the moment you step in. Dr. Loftin is an amazing and caring doctor. This is the dentist for your family.
Joseph G.
Dr. Loftin is amazing. Before he even was our dentist, he answered an emergency call to him about our young daughter's tooth issue. He and his team are so kind and very accommodating. I highly recommend Dr. Loftin and his team for all of your dental needs. You will be happy he is your dentist. I am!
Kara M.
Professional and caring staff. They always ask how you are doing while working on your teeth. They do their best to make your visit as comfortable as possible.
Bruce D.

No Cavity Club

At Loftin Dental, we appreciate your child’s commitment to a healthy smile. When your child has a cavity-free check-up at our practice, they automatically become a member of our No Cavity Club. This means they’re eligible for our monthly giveaways, where they can win exciting prizes designed to make their dental journey even more enjoyable. Jaxon, Doc’s son, chooses each winner.

Cavity Free Club Certificate
Children's Dental Care

Loftin Dental Tooth Fairy Program!

We are excited to share with you our unique Tooth Fairy Program, which takes place during the month of February. Every Friday, our team of dedicated tooth fairies visits one school to actively promote and educate students on the importance of oral health.

During these engaging visits, we conduct live demonstrations, offer informative and educational sessions, read dental-themed books, and provide delightful goody bags for the entire class, accommodating approximately 30 to 40 students.

If you are interested in having our Tooth Fairy Program visit your classroom and inspire a fun and educational experience for your students, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at We look forward to spreading smiles and knowledge about oral health in your school!

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